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I Congreso de la Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española

Our Mission

The mission of ANLE is to study, develop and execute the normative rules of the Spanish of the United States of America.
To preserve the use of the Spanish language by establishing, disseminating and promoting among Hispanic Americans ....

New Book

El español en los Estados Unidos: E Pluribus Unum? Enfoques Multidisciplinarios contains 17 studies on various aspects of Spanish in the United States. Buy it on Amazon.

Spanish in the U.S.

Here you will find articles, links to websites, data and debates on the language of hispanounidenses – a neologism proposed by our president as a term to identify us Hispanics who live in the United States ...


A Linguistic Bibliography of Spanish in the United States. This database presents bibliographic information about all books, academic articles, book chapters and doctoral dissertations related to the study of the Spanish language in the United States.

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